Roda de Samba na Favela

It was a Thursday night in Babilônia, a small favela in the south of the city. I was used to the noise of their streets, the music at all times, and the motorcycle taxis going up and down with that control that only they had. I approached a lamppost and saw a sign announcing a samba roundabout and it was just today. I had heard of the “Roda de samba” but had never experienced one and what better place than in a favela. 

 When I got there it was early, there were some empty tables and people started asking for beer. There was also a tapioca stand and the nearest bar was offering food. As time went by, people became more animated and began to dance. After the performance, there was funk music, music with a sticky and strong rhythm, so strong that I even ended up dancing with a lady all night long.

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