Giving a voice to female leaders 

Storytelling helps us to empathize and admire others. It allows us to create an archive of the present for future generations, to learn about histories that are often forgotten.

Women have been, and continue to be,  invisible in many societies, due to gender biases, lack of recognition, and underrepresentation.

Inspiring women is a documentary and ethnography project that tells the stories of female leaders. This project aims to give a voice and space to females that have created a change and made an impact in their societies, and are an inspiration to overcome cultural and structural barriers. Their stories are a great inspiration not only to other women and future female generations but also to the rest of their communities.


During my stay in South and Central America, I documented and conducted ethnographic research of the impactful stories of women I met during my travels. I conducted interviews and photographed them in their spaces with the aim of capturing their personal essence and realities.

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