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Levelling the playing field for youth globally 🌏

Goodwall Programs help partners to connect and create impact with GenZ on a global scale. Driving employing branding and talent acquisition, growing their audiences and brand reach and engaging our target through pathway programs.

Moving from Storytelling to Story-doing 🤳

My Role👩🏼‍💻 

I strategized and conceptualized the different programs in alignment with our partners and users. In addition, I was responsible for the visual identity of programs and leveraged brand awareness. 

I collaborated on programs with different organizations such as Unicef, Santander, Dundee University, Wyss Academy for Nature...

Visual identity 🎨

 #FutureFood 🥕

Today, 1 in 9 people go hungry while   40% of adults are overweight and more than 30% of food is wasted or thrown away. With climate change triggering droughts and extreme weather, food shortages could result in food prices doubling by 2030.

This was an inclusive challenge that was open to users across the world, but primarily targeting Africa, Asia and Latam. Participants were asked to answer the question What can I do to improve food sustainability in MY COMMUNITY in 50 years? 

The Food Systems Challenge is an initiative to experiment the use of micro-tasking in the context of food system initiatives, the aim is to engage youth through a call to action, leading them to complete real life actions achieving measurable impact in their communities.

Results 📈

🔸Total participation:  320                                                          

🔸Engagement: 12k                                    

🔸Impressions: 161.1k

#SmallSteps 🌱

Recognising that we are still far from reversing the climate crisis, as set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the #SmallSteps challenge aims to shine a light on the everyday actions young people across the globe are taking to drive forward this movement of change

The program’s aim was to promote University of Dundee’s
study options while engaging youth to explore their passion
for sustainability through challenges. Focus was on
renewable energies, environmental issues, and green

Results 📈

🔸Total participation:  500                                                          


🔸 Impressions: 1M

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