(Corrientes, Argentina)

Flor led her ordinary life as an 18-year-old girl, after a serious accident doing stunts on fabric she had a spinal injury that forced her to be in a wheelchair. She admits that at the beginning it was difficult to assume that now her way of moving was going to be totally different but instead of constantly asking herself why, she transformed it into something:

She was still the same, even if she was in a wheelchair now, the essence did not disappear and she was willing to get the best out of her and demonstrate that this not conditions her life.

After the accident, a friend invited her to play on an adapted basketball team and Flor began to discover a new world: "Sport saved my life", she says with emotion, "I love sports and it became my passion and career" .

Flor managed to be part of the Argentine national team of adapted basketball and what was a hobby became a professional career. This has allowed her to meet many people in the same situation as her, travel, learn new things and even carry the torch of the Youth Olympic Games.

Flor comments that she has experienced more things being in a wheelchair than when she could stand up. She is a woman with a history of enormous improvement that reminds us that if you move, the world moves with you and it does not matter how you do it, you just need to move forward and fight for your dreams.

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