Laura Beringer

(Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

Laura Beringer, originally from France, is a social architect residing in a favela in southern Rio de Janeiro. It all started when a mason with whom she always worked on projects with, asked her for help to build a house in a favela. Little by little, the people asked more of their abilities and that is how she realized the  need that existed. Around 2 million people live in favelas in Rio de Janeiro and most of them in very poor conditions, which leads to health problems, comfort and safety problems, because of how poorly the houses  were built, and the lack of materials. In addition, the cost of housing has doubled due to the fact that all materials have to be carried up the slopes.

Nowadays, Laura attends, with priority, to people from favelas and the periphery, and helps them to build safe houses. She is planning to train people from  favelas who are interested in the field of construction to complete the cycle, since without good execution, a good approach is useless for the work. Furthermore, these activities would help develop the integrity of people.

Laura is also very interested in being able to work with more women on her projects and encourage them to train in this area, particularly surrounded by men.

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